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NATEC Ingenieros es una Empresa de Ingeniería, Gestión y Desarrollo de Proyectos de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación (I+D+i).
Gestion de i+D+i

A second line of work at NATEC Ingenieros is that of R&D&I Management via a Specialized Unit within our firm. Some of the activities that we develop within this field are:

flechaProject Detection:
we search for the best idea and then define it; we also provide Consultancy Services to our clients.

flecha Search for Financing: we research and find the necessary financing sources for each Project.

flecha Project Planning: we organize and build the necessary External or In-house Development Group.

flecha Project Execution Planning and Control: we manage and solve present and foreseeable risks, we update results...

flecha Guidance on Operating and Protection of Results: we not only we work with ideas, but also with real operating benefits.

Our added value?
We are committed to continuous improvement in Organization, participating in the Development of Innovative Knowledge Management Tools.

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