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NATEC Ingenieros es una Empresa de Ingeniería, Gestión y Desarrollo de Proyectos de Investigación Científica, Desarrollo Tecnológico e Innovación (I+D+i).
Gestion de i+D+i

The growth in the development of simulation tools based on numerical analysis techniques, as well as the ever-increasing capacities of personal computers, has greatly enabled the use of these types of tools by engineers, technicians and the calculation and design departments of companies, who are starting to use them more and more often.

The complexity of these tools, together with the wealth of problems that they may be used to address (not always intuited by the user), requires appropriate training, not only of the technicians that make use of them in their day-to-day work, but also of the staff of the actual design departments of companies. Although the latter may not be experts in the matter, it would be recommendable for them to acquire a certain degree of knowledge that would allow them to take decisions regarding the method to follow when dealing with design problems.

The present course aims at revising the basic concepts to bear in mind in the design of mechanical structures and elements from the dynamic viewpoint, establishing differences and quantifying said effects with respect to the customary static calculations. At the same time, a practical dimension is offered via the use of one of the most widely known and prestigious simulation tools employing finite elements: ANSYS.



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