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Analysis of Singular Structures
Suspended Motorized Variable Diameter Circular Platform for the Reconstruction of a Blast Kiln
Motorized Hydraulic Bridge for Handling Passenger Boarding Bridges
Equipment for portuary works
Recovery Grip for Concrete Blocks (15-50 Tm)
Multipurpose Grip for Handling Concrete Blocks in the Stockyard (30-45 Tm)
Equipment for marine dock construction document access .pdf
  Analysis of Singular Structures

  > Recovery Grip for Concrete Blocks (15-50 Tm)

The growth in building work in port installations at both a regional and national level has motivated the need, on the part of the successful contractors, to develop diverse mechanical devices for a variety of tasks involving the handling of large loads.

In the case of this grip, it was possible by means of simulation techniques that faithfully reproduced its in-service behaviour to obtain a highly optimized design in terms of weight that was not only appropriate for its purpose, the recovery of concrete blocks in breakwaters in the process of being dismantled for their reuse (15-50 Tm), but also drastically reduced operating costs (mainly associated with the cost of the crane) during the recovery process. On the other hand, the good behaviour demonstrated by the design that was finally adopted motivated its protection by a patent (utility model).

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