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Analysis of Singular Structures
Structural Analysis of a Scrap Feeder Skip for a Steel Converter
Dynamic Wind Analysis of a 40 m-high Advertising Totem according to Ec-3
Design, Analysis, Manufacture and Engineering of Circular Platforms for the Reconstruction of a Blast Kiln
Calculation, Design and Engineering of Plant Equipment
Structural Analysis according to Ec-3 of a Cement Storage Silo (4,500 Tm
Mechanical and Thermomechanical Analysis of Pressure Vessels and Boilermaking Components
Simulation and Analysis of Industrial Processes.
Analysis of Mass and Energy Transfer Mechanisms in a Clinker Rotary Kiln
  Simulation and Analysis of Industrial Processes
  > Analysis of Mass and Energy Transfer Mechanisms in a Clinker Rotary Kiln
  The goals of the project may be summarised as follows:

1. To build a design tool: To develop an application capable of predicting all the variables, both chemical and thermophysical, throughout the length of the Kiln. Traditionally, the design of rotary kilns is based mainly on the knowledge derived from experience in the building of such kilns. A tool such as the one proposed here will constitute the technical basis when taking design decisions, such as the lengths to assign to each section, etc…

2. To build a support tool for other design steps: The selfsame philosophy employed in the building of the tool, as well as its development within the environment of an application such as ANSYS, will permit the immediate exporting of results, which may be employed in other design steps (mechanical analysis), which may in turn be carried out within the same application.

3. To build a simulation tool: Another aspect to be developed consists in the prediction of the behaviour of the equipment when faced with variations in its operating conditions. This will enable the carrying out of sensitivity analyses, thus predicting the behaviour of the equipment with respect to future alterations.

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