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Analysis of Singular Structures
Structural Analysis of a Scrap Feeder Skip for a Steel Converter
Dynamic Wind Analysis of a 40 m-high Advertising Totem according to Ec-3.
Design, Analysis, Manufacture and Engineering of Circular Platforms for the Reconstruction of a Blast Kiln
Calculation, Design and Engineering of Plant Equipment
Structural Analysis according to Ec-3 of a Cement Storage Silo (4,500 Tm)
Mechanical and Thermomechanical Analysis of Pressure Vessels and Boilermaking Components
Simulation and Analysis of Industrial Processes
Analysis of Mass and Energy Transfer Mechanisms in a Clinker Rotary Kiln
  Analysis of Singular Structures
  > Dynamic Wind Analysis of a 40 m-high Advertising Totem according to Ec-3
  The dynamic effects of wind on structures always constitute a phenomenon that is difficult to address from the point of view of calculation. In this respect, the structural Regulation EN-1991 (Eurocode 1) offers comprehensive treatment of this type of load and its effects on structures.

In this project, an advertising structure was analysed, the singularity of which resided in its great slenderness, and in the fact that the control of displacements and the evaluation of the dynamic effects on the structure constituted the main difficulties of the analysis. To carry out this analysis, a detailed model was constructed in finite elements and, with the aid of custom-programmed tools, a rigorous treatment of the action of the wind and its dynamic effects was carried out in accordance with the reference Regulation EN-1991..
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