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  All-inclusive Simulation of the Welding Process in Bell-Mouthed Tubes
  At present, the development of welding procedures is basically derived from experimentation, and welding procedure specifications (WPS) constitute the result of these experimental procedures. The proper definition and study of such processes translates as implementations that assure the correct mechanical behaviour of joints.

The assessment of such procedures is usually carried out on the basis of the microstructures formed, on the mechanical behaviour of the joint and on the non-presence of defects. The use of numerical simulation in the design of welding procedures may constitute an effective tool that complements experimentation and allows a better understanding of the phenomena that take place.

This work presents the results and procedures of a thermomechanical simulation analysis by means of MEF of a multipass welding process in bell-mouthed tubes with the aim of shedding light on the underlying causes of the appearance of multiple faults of cold cracking during the execution of the job.

From the results of the thermal analysis, it is possible to superimpose cooling curves with the TTT curves of the steel constituting the base metal. This procedure permits an approximate prediction of the presence of fragile microstructures in the joint. On the other hand, thermomechanical simulation of the whole welding cycle not only results in the prediction of thermal patterns at all points on the studied model, but further enables the quantitative and qualitative estimation of levels of residual stresses obtained subsequent to the process, thus effectively contributing to establishing the hypotheses underlying said phenomena.
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All-inclusive Simulation of the Welding Process in Bell-Mouthed Tubes
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